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  • Chocolate
    dishes from mccradys.

south carolina

  • fried green tomatoes buttermilk dressing
    one of the most beautiful places in the country


  • freeway
    i finally got around to uploading some pictures. enjoy.


  • Swedengarden9
    trip to gunnebo. kitchen garden.

dinner at tims.

  • chocolate.rosewater pearls.compressed strawberry.vanilla pound
    here are some photos from the dinner, i wasn't able to get photos of everything.
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August 17, 2010


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Thanks again for having us Craig. You should definitely make a habit of doing these types of dinners. I'll get my post out soon enough!

Greg Paz

Craig Its Pazzy...missed another banger I See!...your fucking crazy. the Uni polenta is fuckin heshin. the pk shoulder and beet dish look awesome...doin it!

Jenna Schrock

Yum! I want to dig my teeth in all that dishes! If only I have them on my table right now. And if only I learned to eat healthy foods like this in Los Angeles, I will no longer need to hire cosmetic dentists. Yes, my teeth rot coz of the junks that I eat every day. I hope I'd learn how to cook all these, so I won't end up eating in the diner ever again.

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