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  • Chocolate
    dishes from mccradys.

south carolina

  • fried green tomatoes buttermilk dressing
    one of the most beautiful places in the country


  • freeway
    i finally got around to uploading some pictures. enjoy.


  • Swedengarden9
    trip to gunnebo. kitchen garden.

dinner at tims.

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    here are some photos from the dinner, i wasn't able to get photos of everything.
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December 13, 2010


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Chicken Fried Gourmet

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Craig...thanks for sharing all about the dinners. Wish I could make it your way to try one out.


thanks have a great holiday as well!!! hopefully one day i can get out there and do a dinner, i need to be taking this thing on the road!!


A little slow on my end, just stumbled on your blog! Hope you have a great xmas freezing your butt off (but fishing! and eating stuff off the ground! sounds totally like what my scandi boyfriend likes to do) and really hope to check out the Wolvesden when I'm in town in Feb. Am harrassing the dimsumpup ;)

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